Garden with Artificial Grass

Accessories & Adhesives for Artificial Grass 

 In addition to supplying our large Premium Artificial Grass range of products, we also supply and deliver a broad range of products ideal for the fitting of artificial grass. Please see below for the trusted artificial grass accessories and adhesives brands that we stock and can deliver to the flooring trade across Ireland. Artificial grass is a huge growth product for the flooring industry especially with the advent of the requirement for year-round outdoor seating areas for the hospitality industry in particular and we can supply all your fitting and adhesive products – call us for more information.


Adhesive for Artificial Grass

Ball Styccobond F73 PLUS

Heavy Duty One Part Flooring Adhesive.

STYCCOBOND F73 PLUS is a single pack, fibre-reinforced moisture curing heavy duty flooring adhesive. It is suitable for installing artificial grass, as well as a  wide range of floorcoverings. This product is water resistant and suitable for outdoor use.  It is also resistant to grease and oil and it is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating.

Bostik for Artificial Grasss

Bostick MSP 109 Turbobond

Bostik MSP 109 Turbo Bond is a high quality grab adhesive based on a Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) that offers a high bond strength enabling instant grab. Bostik MSP 109 Turbo Bond is solvent free, vibration and shock resistant and UV and weather resistant. Its high strength enables heavy objects to be held immediately without support. Bostik MSP 109 Turbo Bond is resistant to temperatures up to 90 degrees c and as low as -30°C. It will even adhere to damp surfaces (but not saturated or running with water).
Glue Gun for Artificial Grass

Skeleton Gun