Commercial Vinyl Flooring Hospital

Safety Flooring -Industrial & Commercial 

For Industrial & Commerical use, National Flooring offers exceptional quality and value in safety flooring across Ireland. With decades of experience in supplying commercial flooring, National Flooring is a specialist in anti-slip hygenic flooring whether it be for healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens, factories, educational facilities, sport centres or laboratories. As our industry professionals know, our safety floor coverings are combined with wall cladding systems which form a hygenic watertight seal where all joints of the safety vinyl are welded together.


Our expert team can advise on the different grades of anti-slip flooring required depending on the commercial setting and usage. For more information on how we can help with your next commercial or industrial flooring project, please contact us to arrange an appointment. In the meantime, please see below for more details of the trusted range of safety flooring that we stock.

Learn More About Flooring Designs for Care Homes 

Designing a senior care home requires a real understanding of how the elderly experience their environment and how it differs from younger people’s and with various age-related conditions. 
We are delighted to work with Tarkett who help flooring professionals understand how declining eyesight and cognitive awareness impact perception of colour, contrast, and materials thereby allowing our clients to choose the most appropriate flooring designs for use in hospitals and care facilities. To learn more, click here