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National Flooring is a stockists of the range of Dr. Schutz cleaning and maintenance products. We recommend the use of Dr. Schutz’s products for our floor coverings and we supply cleaning and maintenance products for laminates, parquet, linoleum, PVC flooring, carpets, rugs, cork floors and tiles. For more information and advice about the perfect cleaning product for the job, please contact our team. 

Dr Schutz Flooring Cleaning Products
Dr Schutz Flooring Accessory Products

Our Dr. Schutz Product Categories

Choose Dr. Schutz for the Protection and Maintenance of resin & mineral floors & for the Care and Cleaning of synthetic fibre carpets, of natural fibre carpets and rugs and of  wood, laminate & cork floors with:

  • Pre- And Intensive Cleaners & Maintenance Products
  • Stain Remover
  • Protective Agents
  • Preparation
  • PU Sealers for Long Term Protection
  • Additives for PU Sealers
  • Conventional Hard Sealers
  • Floor Care & Refreshers
  • Scratchfix Floor Repair
  • ESD Long Term Protection