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View our range of premium artificial grass for domestic & commercial landscaping & leisure. As this product range is available in various widths (2, 4 & 5 meter) and thicknesses, we have the perfect product for every job. National Flooring’s quality grass range will transform any outdoor or indoor space. Most importantly, allowing your customers to take synthetic grass to places where traditional grass simply cannot take root. In addition, as this product range is made from high quality material, it is suitable not only for landscaping, but also for use on balconies, rooftop gardens & on walls. It is also ideal for largescale settings such as golf clubs, schools, sportsgrounds & playgrounds. In addition, National Flooring’s range of artificial grass is pet friendly, child safe, environmentally friendly, durable & provides easy maintenance.

For details of our full synthetic grass product range, please see below or feel free to Contact Us. To view the fitting accessories also available from National Flooring for artifical grass, click here

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Artificial Grass in Bathroom

Alternative Uses for Artificial Grass

Now more than ever, we are all exploring new ways to be outside and to make the most of our outdoor spaces. Artificial grass is an excellent choice for making our exteriors more accessible and easier to keep. Above all, synthetic grass is fast becoming the product of choice for those who have tried unsuccessfully to establish a lawn. Similarly, this product is perfect for use where it can be difficult to maintain grass in shaded areas or in areas of high traffic. As a result, there is an emerging trend amongst garden designers, interior designers & architects to use artificial grass in such challenging areas. These professionals are recognising the suitability and flexibility of synthetic grass products. Consequently, they are using them to completely transform areas with thin and patchy grass, on shaded patio areas & on dated decking.

Equally, these products can be used to bring the beauty of the great outdoors to the indoors, so it can often be seen featured in sports halls, cafes and in restaurant settings. Previously dreary areas, and especially walls, can be brought to life with this grass, creating a striking focus point that really makes a statement.