Yuseal Flooring Sealant -after image
Yuseal Flooring Sealant Before Pic


National Flooring is a stockists of the range of Yuseal products. Yuseal is a revloutionary replacement for silicone & scotia, ideal for applications in both domestic and commercial settings such as in hotels and in healthcare. It can be fitted with various flooring solutions including tiles, vinyl and laminate flooring. Yuseal comprises flexible continuous PVC strip making it is easy to fit. As it is fitted with antibacterial and anitmicrobial compounds, it is also easy to maintain and clean. In addition to lower maintenace costs, Yuseal is also kinder to the environment as it prevents silicone tubes going into landfill. As well as clear, Yuseal comes in white, grey, black colours.  For more information, see the videos below and please feel free to contact us for advice on the best sealant solution for your chosen floor covering. 

Yuseal in Action