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OneFlor LVT Product Range

As an official stockist, we are proud to showcase the full OneFlor LVT product range at National Flooring. To view the catalogue, please click here. As a global LVT brand, OneFlor provide high-quality modular flooring range of Luxury Vinyl Tiles. 

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial flooring, Oneflor-Europe LVTs are an excellent product; eco-friendly, cost-effective, durable and low-maintenance option. Their Everyday Flooring collection beautifully captures the realistic look of wood, tiles and concrete and is available in several of formats, colors and textures.

From the entire ONEFLOR product range, HOME 30 CONCEPT & Workshop55 Concept have fast become our OneFlor star sellers; to learn more about these LVT products, please view all the details below.    

In order to find out more about ordering and delivery for any products featured in the OneFlor Luxury Vinyl Tile range, please just call us on +353 21 4374484 or email us to

OneFlor Home30 Concept Product Breakdown
Bathroom with Oneflor Workshop 30 OFR-030-001-

Introducing OneFlor Home 30 Concept

THE FACTS:  The Home30 Concept collection of Luxury Vinyl Tiles is made of high quality, superb designs. Each is available in a Glue-down (ECO30) and Rigid acoustic (SOLIDE CLICK 30) versions, with all products suitable for residential and light commercial settings. The collection is resistant to scratches and stains as it is enhanced with Ecoprotec reinforcement.

THE PLANET:  Like all our Oneflor Luxury Vinyl Tiles, HOME 30 is phthalate free, has very low VOC emissions and is 100% recyclable. Just click below to view the full OneFlor Home 30 Concept catalogue: 


OneFloor Home 30 Concept

See below for the deatils on Oneflor Workshop55 Concept.



OneFlor Workshop55 Concept

THE FACTS:  The Workshop55 Concept is a nature inspired collection of Luxury Vinyl Tiles that are highly textured, comprising many embossed-in-register decors.  All are available in a dryback finish. WORKSHOP 55 is designed to suit a variety of commercial applications due to its 0.55mm wear-layer.

From wood (including herringbone and chevron designs), classical concrete finishes to industrial metal designs that look corroded and oxidized by time, the collection comes in 30 ultra-realistic decors. Plus it has 70 references, so WORKSHOP 55 LVT CONCEPT always fits!


  • 2 product structures suitable for commercial & residential use.
  • All wood decors embossed-in-register.
  • 5 wood colors available in chevron & herringbone patterns (ECO55).
  • Can be installed direct over most existing hard surface floors.
  • Very little or no subfloor preparation required (SOLIDE CLICK 55).
  • Resistant to scratches, stains & scuffs.
  • Easy to clean as comes with PUR Ecoprotec™ surface treatment.
  • High sound reduction due to the integrated acoustic pad (22 dB – SOLIDE CLICK 55).
  • Works with underfloor heating.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Easy & quick installation due to the fold-down vertical click system (SOLIDE CLICK 55).
  • Phthalate free, very low VOC & fully recyclable.
  • Moves without leaving any residue (SOLIDE CLICK 55).