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Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Tile Range

For Commercial & Custom LVTs from National Flooring we love the Tarkett product range. For example,Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 features natural-look wood & stone designs in high-performing vinyl materials. This product is designed for commercial environments, like hospitals, nursing homes, educational facilities, stores, hotels, restaurants & sports & leisure centres. 

KEY FEATURES: It has unequalled resistance, ultra matt finish, high definition printing & it is entirely customisable as it comes in:

  • 100 decors
  • 7 formats
  • 3 EiR designs in 14 colour

In order to find out more about ordering and delivery for any products featured in the Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Tile range, please just call us on +353 21 4374484 or email us to

Introducing Tarkett’s iD Mixonomi Collection 

Mix it up with the iD Mixonomi Collection, created for Architects and Designers, this Modular Vinyl Tiles flooring collection introduces a customizable concept with 11 shapes and 34 colours. From the mono-shape flooring layout to more elaborate compositions, you can play with colours and shapes to take your flooring project to the next level!


Working with Tarkett’s design team, we can create personalised designs for you with iD Inspiration’s huge range and with the iD Mixonomi collection, allowing us to create one-off design combinations. Should you wish to stand over a completely bespoke floor, our team can also guide you in the creation of your own completely unique design.

Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Flooring